River Cruise Ship Holed In Netherlands

River Cruise ship BRITANNIA (CC BY-SA 2.0) photo by Roger Wollstadt

A river-cruise ship was evacuated early Sunday after it began taking on water on the Ijssel river in the eastern Netherlands. It appears that the 1969-built BRITANNIA was holed late the previous evening and eventually began to list.

All the passengers, mostly from Germany and Austria, were evacuated safely from the 110-metre (360-foot) vessel and there were no reported injuries.

“All 154 passengers and 40 crew members have been evacuated from the ship and we’re trying to pump out water to prevent her from sinking,” according to Dutch emergency services spokesman Robert Spijkerman.

Swiss-registered BRITANNIA is operated by Nicko Tours, and was about 110 kilometers (68 miles) east of Amsterdam on its way to Cologne, Germany, when it ran into problems.  A dive team was investigating the hull.

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