SS UNITED STATES In The Spotlight — Updated


Repost and update of March 17 post: Media has been busy with news about future of the SS UNITED STATES, laid up on the Delaware River in South Philadelphia for the last 14 years. Her owner (Norwegian Cruise Line) has reportedly been showing the vessel to scrap merchants. The SS UNITED STATES Conservancy has been working overtime to raise public awareness of the ship and report up to date developments:

As of March 31, the SS United States Foundation will cease operations. From their website, in Chairman, Dan Trachtenberg’s words; “In order to present the most unified, concise vision possible regarding the future of our beloved vessel, the SS United States Foundation has decided to cease operations as of March 31, 2010.”

“The Foundation would also like to throw it’s full support behind the efforts of the SS United States Conservancy. The Conservancy has worked tirelessly, nonstop, to secure a new life and new future for our vessel, and the Foundation is humbled by the hard work of such a dedicated group of people. I encourage all members of the Foundation to go to the Conservancy’s fabulous website:”

President Clinton is the Honorary Chairman of the SS United States Trust ( and that capacity has endorsed the effort to preserve America’s Flagship.  The Trust is encouraging “Big U” supporters to keep up to date on the Conservancy’s website and to become a “Plank Owner” through their online campaign.

(MM has previously incorrectly stated that President Clinton was listed in a statement on