STENA FERONIA Collides With Cargo Ship — Updated

Update: Dramatic POV footage of the Bangor lifeboat arriving at the bow of UNION MOON.

Update: The BBC reports that the captain of a UNION MOON will appear in court on Friday on a charge of having excess alcohol in his blood. The masters of both vessels were breathalyzed after the accident.

Reports from Belfast: The cargo ship UNION MOON sustained damage to its bow after colliding with the 1997-built truck ferry STENA FERONIA in Belfast Lough. The accident happened close to the fairway buoy about a mile and a half from the shore at about 19:45 GMT on Wednesday night.  There are no reports of any injuries.
© Dmitry Rostopshin
© Richard Wis

The ferry which reportedly was holed, was able to return to the ferry Stena terminal, while the damaged UNION MOON was docked at Belfast.

Passengers were in their life jackets and told to prepare for evacuation, then came word that the damage was above the waterline. Stena have confirmed that all 51 passengers and 47 crew onboard were unharmed.



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