Tough Times For OCEAN LIFE

MV EASY CRUISE LIFE. Photo (c) Peter Knego 2008

MV OCEAN LIFE (ex LEV TOLSTOY, NATASHA, PALMIRA, THE JASMINE, FARAH, EASY CRUISE LIFE) developed a crack in her hull on the return leg of her maiden voyage with some 400 passengers and 134 crew on board.

The ship, which just began a season of Indian coastal cruises, sailing between Mumbai and Goa with Blue Ocean Cruises, was some 17 nautical miles off Goa when the crack began to open on the port side. Water entered the hull creating a list of 5 degrees.  The Indian Navy and Coast Guard swiftly jumped to action and three tugs returned the distressed ship to the Mormugao port in Goa by 4am local time. During the rescue operation, passengers and the crew remained on board the vessel.

MV OCEAN LIFE has now been moved to the Western India Shipyard for repairs.


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