TUXEDO ROYALE in 2004, photo © Chris Allen

A former ferry that last served as a floating nightclub is sinking at her Middlesbrough berth in North Yorkshire on the River Tees.

Over the weekend, the ship began to settle by the stern and has been observed to be sinking lower in the water each day.

The TUXEDO ROYALE was built as the British Rail ferry DOVER in 1965, operating in the English Channel and Irish Sea. She was rebuilt in 1977 as EARL SIWARD but then sold to Sol Lines as SOL EXPRESS in 1981. In 1986, the ship returned to the UK for conversion at Tyneside to the nightclub TUXEDO ROYALE. The TUXEDO ROYALE arrived at Middlesbrough Dock from Tyneside in March of 2000 and has since been docked near the Riverside Stadium.

With thanks to Hans Hoffman and Leo Hubrecht.

UPDATE: I located a booster video about the vessel on YouTube:


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