USS IOWA Exits The Golden Gate

USS IOWA arrived in Suisun Bay near San Francisco on April 21, 2001 joined the reserve fleet. Today, after a weather delay the USS IOWA departed San Francisco Bay under tow for Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon May 26, 2012, to become a floating museum.  Following her eleven years in “the bay”, USS IOWA is now under tow to San Pedro, the port of Los Angeles.  The journey will take four days. A permanent berth, just upstream from the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, is being prepared for the ship to opened as a museum in July.

At about 10AM, a small crew aboard the IOWA began hauling in the mooring lines.  The small tug, the DELTA BILLIE, nudged the IOWA into the channel.

Ocean going tug WARRIOR was connected by a 1,000-foot-long, 2½-inch-thick steel cable to the IOWA and passed beneath the Golden Gate Bridge about 2:30PM, with the San Francisco fire-boat PHOENIX leading the way.

WARRIOR towing USS IOWA. Photo © Chris Willson
USS IOWA departing. Photo © Chris Willson
USS IOWA departs. Photo © Chris Willson


Special thanks to Chris Willson.


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